and now what ?!

gone with the wind as usual -_-

Just wanna share this post XD nabasa ko to sa FEU Files XD Shemay ! HAHAHAHA

"Na-hahazoned na ba kayo? Ako kasi lagi eh.

Pag kausap ko crush ko lagi na lang “”haha”” reply niya, nakakabadtrip na minsan. Ganito usually ang convo namin sa chat or text:

ME: Good morning, ingat! 
HER: Haha 


ME: Ang ganda mo talaga 


ME: Napanood mo ba yung finale ng How I Met Your Mother? Diba trip mo yung show na yun?
HER: Oo haha 


ME: Kumain ka na?/Nakauwi ka na?
HER: Oo haha 


ME: Ang kulit mo talaga XD
HER: Haha XD

Ayun nakakabadtrip na po talaga. Inunfriend ko na lang din. Mukhang HAHA eh, bwisit. Tang ina -___-“” sarap kausap ng ganito eh ‘no? HAHA pa bwisit ka .|. “

(FEU Manila - IABF, 2011)

I love the asshole type relationship.


You don’t always have to be sweet and lovey dovey all the time. You can be the assholes to each other and be mean. That’s when you know there is comfortableness. Making fun of each other, calling mean names, abusing each other. Abusing as in joking around. The playful fighting. That’s another way to show love. 

It made the precious tears in my eyes get out from their shells . I WANT EZRA TO BE ALIVE !!!! huhuhuhuhu

so unusual for two characters in a different tv series to be connected from each other

 . whuuuuut the ! HAHAHAHA, though i find it awesome and interesting, still I can’t help myself from laughing every time i hear hanna’s name. Now i know why did Caleb left, WAHAHA, actually i knew it before, what i didn’t know is that there’s a different tv series behind that place (ravenswood) . HALEB here !!! <3 <3 <3

Wala akong palag dun, ang ganda nun eh.
so weird ! XD

let me tell you how easy
to pay your taxes correctly
remember RFP
Register File and Pay

 SHEMAAAAAAAAY ! sobrang LSS ako jan ! kakahiya mang aminin pero hanggang ngayon yan padin ang nasa isip ko :3 HAHA ang ganda kase nung tono . wooooh. Register File and Pay XDXDXD